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Zweet Kill Against Civic Hatch Turbo!!!

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Was on my way to work and it was getting dark when I noticed this small hatch trying to catch up to me. I thought it was a Ford Focus at first from my mirror and thought he wanted to check out my car. When he gotr next to me he nailed it and flew away from me. I wasn't expecting it and had a hard time keeping up with him. It was a Honda Civic with Greddy stickers all over it. I told him we need to find a red light. He anxiously agreed.
I thought he was going to blow me away just experiencing his fly by. We chat for a second at the light waiting for the green flag and we rip it. I had him from the start and slowly pulled to a cars length on him. Surprised the shift out of me. We pulled over to chat because he didn't know of any FI Z's in town and thought he was going to walk on me. He said he had a Greddy turbo w/ exhaust running 6lbs of boost. Didn't ask if he had other mods but he did have a passenger and I was solo.
I've said it before I know there are a million other cars faster than me but I'm still undefeated. Yeay!!! Don't worry, I will post the first time I get killed. Gotta go both ways. God I love my Z!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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nice killl much hp are u running ? and how much did u pay for your vortech set up?
I feel ya on that one, just after I got my G, I had a guy in a civic hatch kick the crap outta me...BAD! Even gave me the ole waive bye bye as he ran away! Needless to say this guy (if I ever see him again ) is at the top of my "to kill list":) He was one of the guys that helped me decide to finally go FI! Anyway good story congrats!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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