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Attention Drivers:

The Tri-Region Race Group is hosting an SCCA Performance Driving Experience (PDE) on the Friday and Saturday, June 17 and 18, 2005 at Pocono International Raceway. Registration is now open, please read carefully, and follow every instruction. All of your questions about the SCCA portion of the event should be answered by reading it.

This is to enter the SCCA track event only, spectators and general ZGCA meet attendees do not need to register:

For additional information:

We'll be posting info on the ZGCA meet soon, but it is important to register NOW if you want to get a spot for the on track action. They will be accepting entries by electronic notification, but you'll also need to download the forms, READ them WELL, then submit an entry with your check.
I say this because out of the 3 groups, I believe the Novice group will sell out quickly. For optimal track time they limiting the total entries to 100 cars each day, and the number of Novice drivers to 25 each day. We will run a Novice and two other run groups, the number of car per run group will be based on the experience of the entries. All drivers can expect at least 2 hours of track time each day. As usual you can find the most up to date information on this huge two day long Z and G meet by visiting

I know the registration process seems archaic, but it is this way because the track and all of the support services are all paid for in advance with REAL money.

There will be no cost to gain entry to the ZGCA car corral area, just a $20 fee if you are coming to the friday night pig roast. Of course you can opt out of the pig roast and bring your own coolers full of grub.
Camping is free for Friday night, and it is a bring your own beer event, with absolutely no alcohol consumption allowed until the on-track activities are done for the day.

Of course, pig roast and refreshments for Friday night are included with your paid registration for a track day, whether it is Friday or Saturday that you signed up for SCCA/Tri-Region
Performance Driving Experience

The Event

We will be using the Club Race Course (2.5 miles) both days. This is the same course used for the last two SCCA National Races. It is 2.5 mile road course, clockwise, with the natural bus stop chicane on the Longpond strait. This gives you a challenging infield road course with the Devils Bend, two high speed strait-a-ways, a bus stop chicane, with a second gear exit and one high banked turn. The two advanced run groups can expect more than two hours of track time.

Entry Fees

By April 30 After May 1
One Day $225.00 $250.00
Two Day $425.00 $450.00

Only pre-paid entries will be accepted. All spots assigned in order of payment received. When all spots are sold out, a waiting list will be started in the order additional entry payments are received. No payments will be accepted at the track. We suggest you register early because we are expecting the event to be sold out by May 1st.

Entry fee includes a Pig Roast party on Friday evening, all drivers and workers will get tickets and tickets will be on sale for guests at $20.00 each.

Overnight camping will be available at the track Friday night. Cars participating in the Corrals will not be charged an entry fee and can buy tickets for the Pig Roast. Also, see lodging list for local hotels/motels.

The PDE will be open to all licensed drivers 18 years of age and over, both SCCA members and non-SCCA members. Students will use their own cars (see requirements below).

The Club Race Course

The course used by the SCCA for the past two Nationals


1. A driver must be 18 years of age and possess a current valid driver’s license issued by his or her state of residence. If a driver age 16 or 17 is a current SCCA licensed competition holder, he or she is eligible to drive. 16 and 17 year-old participants (non-SCCA license holders) can only ride with an SCCA driving instructor.

2. All participants, including drivers, workers, crew members and guests must sign the SCCA Release and Waiver of Liability, Assumption of Risk and Indemnity Agreement Form # 9716.

3. All participants (as above), if under the age of majority in the state in which the event is being conducted, must present the registrar a fully completed Minor Release and Waiver of Liability and Indemnity Agreement form at each event.

4. Any driver found to have driven on course in any vehicle before having properly completed the waiver signing process will be disqualified from the event with no refund of entry fee and will be removed from the premises.


1. Vehicles must be eligible for street licensure; however, the pollution control equipment need
not be operable.
2. All vehicles to be driven on course during the event will be inspected before entering the
3. Required vehicle safety equipment.
a. A restraint system meeting federal standards for the year of manufacture of the vehicle in each of the front seating positions. At a minimum, a two point system must be in place. Competition type 5-point systems are highly recommended and required in cars modified for racing (e.g. Showroom Stock, Touring, and IT).
b. Suitable and safely mounted driver and passenger seats.
c. A full sized, street legal windshield.
d. Roll bars are highly recommended for all cars and required for open cars (convertibles)
e. Open cars (convertibles) must run with the soft top lowered and safely stowed
f. Targa type or T-top vehicles must either bolt the removable panels in place or remove them entirely.
g. All cars must run with both front door windows fully lowered.
h. Hub caps must be removed.
i. All loose items inside and outside of the car must be removed. Passenger seat back and cushion must be secured.
4. Any car that is judged to be in an unsafe operating condition at any time during the
event shall be prohibited from further participation until the deficiency is corrected.


1. While on course, all participants shall wear a safety helmet meeting Snell SA -90 or Snell M- 90 or later specifications.
2. All drivers in open, Targa type, or T-top cars running with the roof panels removed must wear suitable eye protection, i.e., goggles, bubble shield, or face shield on full face helmets.
3. Suitable clothing (i.e. sleeved shirts, long pants and socks of a flame resistant material such as cotton), and shoes covering the entire foot, must be worn while on course.

Hotels and Motels

Pocono Mountain Lodge White Haven 570 443-8461

Hershey Pocono White Haven 800 533-3131

Holiday Inn White Haven 800 465-4328

Jack Frost Mountain White Haven 570 443-8425

Ramada Inn White Haven 570 443-8471

Comfort Inn White Haven 800 443-4049

Split Rock Lodge Lake Harmony 570 722-9111

Sportsman Blakeslee 570 646-0696

Sullivan Trail Pocono Lake 570 646-3535

Mt Pocono Mountain Lodge Mt Pocono 570 839-9407

Hill Motor Lodge Tannersville 570 629-1667

Chateau Tannersville 800 245-5900

Econo Lodge Tannersville 570 629-4100

Pocono HOJO Inn Tannersville 800 441-2193

Comfort Inn Bartonsville 800 822-3275

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