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Zaino Z-5 only

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Can I use Zaino Z-5 with my NXT?

Reson I ask is I want to reduce the amount of friggin swirls in my paint, but I dont want to spend 85 bucks for their whole kit. I now use a Mr Clean Autowash which should help.

But couldnt I just get the Z-5, some cheaper claybar and Dawn, and run 3 or so layers of Z-5, topped by NXT?
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I use most of the Zaino products. And according to their website, ZFX can be used with all of their polishes:

"...ZFX™ can be used with any of our Show Car Polish products, including Z-2™, Z-3™ and Z-5™. Plus, ZFX™ makes using Z-1™ Polish Lok unnecessary. Using ZFX™ in place of Z-1™ Polish Lok will promote cross-linking, reduce drying time, increase gloss factor, extend durability level, and instantly cure to allow multiple immediate coats! No more waiting between coats!

When we say "acceleration," we mean it! Adding ZFX™ to any one of our Show Car Polishes prior to use is like kicking an F-14 Tomcat into afterburner."

hmm... I guess I didnt explain it very well.

I use Maguires NXT now.

I want to use Z-5 to remove very light swirls. Can I buy *only* the Z5 or do I have to buy the whole 85 dollar kit?

I want to wash the car with Dawn, apply Z-5 in three layers, and then apply Maguires NXT...
Oh I'm sorry. I see...I think it will be okay. I use Z2 and 5. I have the LS and it removed swirls from the hood and trunk very well.

I'd say that using Z5 for a few applications would be fine. NXT is a wax product or a polishing spray? I ran out of Z6 for the ZFEST and purchased Meguires spray to detail my ride. It worked fine.

I think Zaino is most compatible with other products. Reminder~~~ If you are using dawn first make sure you clay 2nd, then spray with Z6 or some detail spray to prep paint. Then use the Z5 and spray alternating to build that shine. And don't use dawn again.
NXT is a synthetic wax, and I love the shine it gives, but it doesnt help swirls... and man this paint is like butter...
If you haven't already read through this thread..

Layers of Z5 will help hide swirl marks, but it won't get rid of them altogether...for that you need a polish with some abrasive cut.

Swirl marks are damm near impossible to prevent...but using the correct drying and buffing towels helps. See thread link above for suggestions.

I don't recommend the use of Mr. Clean Auto Dry soap...the de-ionizer is fine but that soap is going to leave a film.

You can lubricate the paint surface for the claybar with a diluted mixture of water and any good car wash soap. DO NOT DROP the claybar...if you do toss it and get a fresh piece.

Thanks for the advice.

The swirls are not very deep or bad, and I would rather fill them then try to remove paint to get rid of them. Also, I only use Mr Clean for the filter, I dont use the soap on it. I use Eagle one Soap currently, I run it through my pressure washer so I dont have to use a bucket.

I use Microfiber towels and all cotton everything else. I was using a very soft clean brush to wash it, it was so soft I figured it would be fine, but I think thats the culprit.

My wifes band new Murano is also showing *very* light swirls, and the only thing that has ever touched it was this damned brush.

I made sure it was super clean and we washed her car together so as to make sure the car was always wet wherever the brush touched it. Oh well.

I bought a new wool wash mitt... *something* has to touch the paint at one point, but I want to minimize what does, so I want to keep the Autodry... so far it works very very well.
This wash mit works really well...the site also has smaller grey mits for use on your wheels/rims.

I'm not real comfortable using polishes with abrasive cut in them either....but a good 3 stage polish will remove the swirls from your clearcoat. If they have gotten deep enough to mar the polish can remedy that.

Good luck.
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