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My friend matt wrote this up, so yeah. Who knows who's Z this was

Alright guys, keep in mind that I have a *BONE STOCK* STi and my good friend has a 350z with an Injen CAI and a Fujitsubo Cat Back Exhaust....


We get on a long stretch of highway into two lanes. We both cruise up to 65 and I initiate the '3 honk countdown'.

The Race:

So I am in fourth gear in the STi doing 65+/-. My buddy said he was in 3rd doing 65. I pound the third honk and I immediately get a good jump and walk him 1/2 car until hes at my rear wheel. I wind out fourth to almost redline(shift buzzer set to 6750) and put in 5th. The Z walks me, and walks me pretty good while I'm in 5th. We essentially switch positions to where I'm at his rear wheel at the end of 5th and hold my position(no one is pulling on each other). So now I'm thinking to myself "Oh man he's got me now..." then I hit 6th gear. Most unexpected thing happens right when I put it in 6th...I WALK HIM BACK and I don't stop! I put him back to my rear wheel almost immediately and I KEEP pulling very steadily(SO NOW I was thinkin' "What the [email protected]#@?! How is this happening!") and I would have probably passed him if there wasnt any slow traffic coming up...but then he probably would come back to finally pass me because his top speed is a bit higher(I think?). I decide to let off the gas around 153(bear with me this is just an estimate, I will come back and edit this figure as soon as I ask my buddy how fast I was going before I shut it down, I wasnt paying attention to my mph<<just glanced at the speedometer at the end>>.. I paid more attention to the road).

ahh...good times

Tell you what though, I've always known those 350z's were quick and, from racing one myself, they will spank many cars from a roll. I love my buddy's Z and he loves my STi..both great cars.

Let me repeat this again: this race was between a 350z with an Injen CAI and a Fujitsubo Cat Back exhaust and a *BONE STOCK* 2004 STi with roughly 1650 miles on the odometer.

Glad I shared this with you guys...I cant wait to strap some mods on this beast!


PS*** as some of you may have noticed..this wasn't posted with ANY intentions of throwing more gas onto the heated "350z vs. STi" debate...RATHER my OWN FIRST HAD EXPERIENCE with the 350z. Guys, please, don't get all childish about this("oh from a roll blah blah blah!") I'm sure many STis have been slain by the Z and vice versa(who cares! it's all in good fun!) I am here just sharing my experience..that's all that it should be right!?

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interesting.. i have done many high speed runs and here is my take on the situation..

he stated that he got a good jump..(sti)

mathematically, this means he had the advantage on initial acceleration and velocity...

for the not so mathematically inclined, this means the 350z starts out at a lower MPH. In order to begin catching up the z must overcome the MPH deficit that it started off with. These cars are similarly rated, so the fact that the z overcame the sti from behind is respectable.

as for when the sti began pulling up on the z,

my experience is once the z hits 140, it struggles to go faster.. i have made it to 160 but it took a LOOONG time to get there. 6th gear is a very tall one indeed.

I cannot vouch for the STI at these speeds.

other things come into play here as well.. shift points make a huge difference.. and how fast the shift occurs matters as well.

just my thoughts

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Hahaha-- we post everything @ all the appropriate forums (ie: pix were @ nasioc,, clubwrx), but I think it's only up @ clubwrx where STiLL WILL posted it! Small world huh

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Hey gang, the stock STi has more hp and tq than a 350 with the CAI and exhaust. With the AWD, the STi will walk away from a so modded 350 from a standing start -- seriously walk away if the Z still has RE-040s. In that situation, the 350 would never be able to make up the difference. The STi turbo spools up pretty quickly as well, so it doesn't have a huge amount of boost lag.

BTW, unless you've flashed your 350 ECU to remove the speed limiter, it will cut in at 156-157, so anyone who says 160 on an unflashed ECU is telling fairy tales. Sixth gear in the 350 is pretty much overdrive, and if you are doing high speed runs, you typically wouldn't hit sixth until you're above 145 (almost 150).

An SC 350 shoots right up to 150 without breaking a sweat, and of course will destroy an STi in a race -- way more hp and tq. But the STi is still a handful from a standing start; make no mistake, down low, they are very quick little buggers. ;)
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