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Hi guys.

I've had quite a few guys PM me on other forums about not being able to sign up. The Validation email never gets sent, and so the account never works.

Unfortunately it appears the broken email issue the forums are having are probably to blame.

Rather than people having to wait to see me in real life as middos did at the last cruise, or signing up to some other forum to PM me as our SAU visitors have been, I've just created an email address for people to email me.

Email me at [email protected] with:

user name
Sign up email address

I'll send an email to that sign up address with some random question (to do "validation" and avoid being an end-run for spammers). Answer it, and I'll activate you.

N.B. I'll only be checking that email address around once every few days. If you have a mate that's trying to sign up, PM me and I'll make sure I check.
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