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Z-PC Install... Current Status

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Well, about 2 weeks ago I started entertaining the idea of building a pc for my car. Seemed silly but I got so excited about it that I started buying everything :) So a few hundred dollars later this is what I have so far...

Still waiting to order:
7" Lilliput or Xenarc Touchscreen
150watt Opus power supply

On Order and shipping:
Slimline Slot Type Panasonic DVD/CD-R Combo Drive
External Slimline ide to usb2.0 enclosure (for the drive above)
Rikaline 6100 USB GPS Reciever

What I have currently:
04' Navdoor swapped out for the '03

IN Win Black Micro ATX Case (picture below has it sitting on the glove compartment fake floor to show size)

ASRock K7S41 Micro ATX motherboard (4 front 2 rear usb2.0 ports)
Kingston 512mb DDR400
Spire WisperRock IV silent CPU cooler
Seagate 120GB 7200rpm 8mb cache
Athlon 1.2ghz (slow but i dont need much)

MediaCar and Skinnage :)

Let me know what you guys think so far!
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Looking forward to seeing this when its done Chris
Would you be willing to package everything together and sell it?
Very nice, can you give us a link to download your skin??
Just so you all know, I did not make the skin. Someone from makes them for all makes and models of cars. heres the link.

He skins quite a few front ends, and they all look amazing!
well, I would do it, but I would feel guilty doing it. The information on all of this stuff is readily available all over the internet, and I would really just be building you a computer and putting together the nessassary components for some cash in return. If that is what you want I can definatly do that. We would have to discuss what you would want the pc to do etc. Just let me know if you want to do it on your own and i can tell you some things to help get you started.
best of luck... keep in mind... lilliput is 50% a pain in the A$$... spend the extra hundred bucks and get a xenarc... you won't regret it... here's a link to my install ;) In-Z GPS DVD Internet Bluetooth Phone Control
and a couple pics ;) (kind of funny u have the same head unit as me ... lol) there's a video on my website of the car-pc in action :)

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my only complaint is that side by side comparisons between xenarc and lilliput show the xenarc with a less clear (more yellowed) image to it. Maybe its just the camera, but i love clear and crisp colored images. Might drive me crazy if its yellowed.

i know which comarison you're talking about... you have to realize thats an old xenarc (2 yrs old). They changed the illumination since then. research some more and you'll find stuff .. plus u can see from my pics its not yellow at all ... here's a nite pic ...

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That looks awesome Dezi!
:banghead: where do you guys get the money for all the cool stuff... I want one too :banghead:

its not that expensive buddy... really... my original post was highlighting the fact that it was under 500 bucks :)... its in the audio video section somewhere...

i even have a pricelist on my website

When mom buys the Z then you can afford the rest.
(Just messin Chris. Had to bust your balls.)

When mom buys the Z then you can afford the rest.
(Just messin Chris. Had to bust your balls.)
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a little uncalled for but non the less its cool. She didnt technically buy much of it. (about 8 grand worth) i guess thats a good chunk but I mean come on, I am only 19 if i had a full time job things would be a lot different. (probably be driving an m3 :-D)
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