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Z habits and our relationships

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So here it is, the question most women (or spouses) have on their minds, and the answer most spouses don’t like. Is the car that important to you?

1. I spend at least 1.5 hours detailing the Z per week. That is just regular, basic stuff like washing, drying, vacuuming, etc. This does not include waxing or buffing or removing swirl marks, scratches, etc.

2. I always look back over my shoulder when I park the Z and walk away from it. I take note of its beauty, color, location, and the cars parked next to it or near it.

3. I usually do a visual inspection when I return to the car (in public) to see if any type of damage is apparent (keying, door dings, bird poop).

4. I like to take scenic routes to give my car maximum exposure to onlookers. I also cruise slowly by buildings with reflective glass to see how the Z looks from the outside driving by.

5. When driving, I amuse myself by trying to catch the eye of a curious onlooker. If I do catch them, I will smile and wave or give a thumbs up to anyone in a nice, respectable car (i.e. another sportscar or muscle car).

6. I spend a lot of time online ‘window’ shopping for the car, and I consider people on forums as long, lost brothers who know how I feel and think about cars in general.

7. I need therapy. :goodtimes:
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My husband freaks when I open the doors and hood to wipe down all the black from the sand and dust. Detailing my car is my therapy from everyday existence. I love to park out of the way in a parking lot only to watch the envy of others as they circle the Z and get embarassed when I walk up.

I am Guilty as charged.
Dude I thought I was just weird!
YEA RIGHT! If u have a car like ours and you dont' do at least one of those things...THEN YOUR CRAZY!
Personally every single one of the things u said apply to me.

So if anyone thinks you are crazy, then all I can say is
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Welcome to the forum, and our own little therapy session...
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-Karen & I do the 'lookback' in tandem. & take my word for it, she didn't do that with her old Saturd. She also keeps the 'Z' a lot cleaner. We alternate wash & chamois duty. I'll probably be the primary when it comes to mods.
O.K. We got our Z back from the 'feathering' fix last night....&...

K told me I 'breathe different' behind the wheel....Jekyll & Zyde, I guess...I said: "I'm concentratin' heah, o.k.?"

And two more things from her:

" I want to do that center console mod.."...& "let's auto cross it!"

Yeh, boys, she's a keeper.
All apply to me also. My friends think I'm nutz. I've always been like that though.
Originally posted by lionkiller@Jul 2 2004, 12:27 PM
And two more things from her:

" I want to do that center console mod.."...&  "let's auto cross it!"

Yeh, boys, she's a keeper.

Haha. That's cool that she loves the car so much.
Originally posted by jinxxycat@May 17 2004, 02:38 PM
I agree, it's was funny to come out of the grocery store the other day where I was parked like way far away, and some dude in a beauty 80's something vette covertible had parked right next to me.  Encountered him as I was walking back and he was walking to.  Exchanged niceties, and he said well if someone else parks close, at least we know one side of our cars is safe!  LOL That was really cool!

I had to go to the mall once and I parked next to a C5 Vette. The parking lane was about 30 spots in length with the first 5 taken and we parked at about the 20th down (no cars near us at all). I got back to the Z and I found that another C5 Vette had parked with the two of us. It's pretty cool to know that others love their cars as much and don't want people messing with it.
I actually had to stop talking about my Z at home. Everyone was getting annoyed with me constantly talking about it. None of my roommates, neighbors, or friends (except one or two) know much of anything about cars. It's sad, really. It's funny though when they try to argue with my about car related stuff and I'm sitting there like, "Why are you arguing with me? I know like a thousand times more than you about cars, and you're trying to tell ME about cars?"

The funniest thing, though, is this guy I work with. He's in his 50's, I think, and has been working on cars for a really long time, but is a friggin idiot. First, and most disturbingly, he constantly goes on about these POS Citroens (which he's constantly breaking and fixing and then breaking again) that he has and how Citroen, Peugeot, and Renault are the best cars ever made, and how there is all this stuff about them that no other car has, when in actuality, a lot of cars have and have had for a long time.

Example...yesterday he comes up to me and shows me this Citroen brochure and says, "This is the only production car with a hard top convertible." I was like, "What the f*ck, man, there have been hardtop convertibles since the 30's," (that's true, btw, I looked it up), "and maybe since 1929."

Another Example...he started arguing with me about what the definition of under/oversteer is. After like an hour, I finally pulled it up on the internet and found like 30 definitions that stated, verbatim, what I said and none that said what he said.

What a maroon.

Umm...I think I got off topic a little, but I thought you all might get a chuckle out of that.
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Lo Fi i feel the same way about my firends, they dont really understand much about my cars either!! tell that dude to take it on the road and see what he says
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I should add to the list, but I think it's funny that friends and coworkers now seek me out to tell me they saw a Z. :lmfao: The revolution begins...mauahahahahahaha!
:headshake: Yeap! Add me to your insane list. What you all forgot or maybe it's just me. I taped the garage floor where the z parks with yellow caution tape with a do not enter caution sign, although my house hold consists of only me, the wife and our little girl. Oh! Once in about a week I would clean the garage floor, making sure there are no unwanted debris.

:werd: huh?
I clean my garage and make sure I don't track anything into the car. Next thing I know, I'm going to have a floor mat outside the car to brush my shoes. :doh:

The tape thing is a cool idea!
Here! Here! Brother. If I had more friends like you I wouldn't have to explain my behavior to my girlfriend.

I'll drink to that. :beer:
I definitely can get added to the list cause i do all of the above! :irock:

Uhh, I do have a floor mat to wipe my shoes first, I didn't think it was wierd. But unfortunaly I don't have a garage so maybe it makes more sense. I'm looking in to having a garage built now that I got a Z, though. Its a bit pricey right now. Could I list it as a car mod??
Am I the only one that gets in trouble for interupting the girlfriend/wife/boyfriend/husband in mid-sentence with a pointed finger exclaiming, "Z!", when I see one of our brethren on the road?
You're not alone, my friend. But my wife expects it and it doesn't phase her. In fact, sometimes she'll point it out to me. I think I'm going to let her drive it soon and see what kind of comments she gets. :wink:

+1... we are too alike!

+1... we are too alike!
<div align="right">[snapback]95645[/snapback]

+2, every single thing mentioned except for the parking near sub standard cars.. ****, I dont even park next to Porsches for fear of getting dinged. The Z stands alone, or next to other Z's (cause it looks cool) lol
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