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Z habits and our relationships

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So here it is, the question most women (or spouses) have on their minds, and the answer most spouses don’t like. Is the car that important to you?

1. I spend at least 1.5 hours detailing the Z per week. That is just regular, basic stuff like washing, drying, vacuuming, etc. This does not include waxing or buffing or removing swirl marks, scratches, etc.

2. I always look back over my shoulder when I park the Z and walk away from it. I take note of its beauty, color, location, and the cars parked next to it or near it.

3. I usually do a visual inspection when I return to the car (in public) to see if any type of damage is apparent (keying, door dings, bird poop).

4. I like to take scenic routes to give my car maximum exposure to onlookers. I also cruise slowly by buildings with reflective glass to see how the Z looks from the outside driving by.

5. When driving, I amuse myself by trying to catch the eye of a curious onlooker. If I do catch them, I will smile and wave or give a thumbs up to anyone in a nice, respectable car (i.e. another sportscar or muscle car).

6. I spend a lot of time online ‘window’ shopping for the car, and I consider people on forums as long, lost brothers who know how I feel and think about cars in general.

7. I need therapy. :goodtimes:
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Originally posted by frankmusic@Jun 24 2005, 09:27 PM
1. YES!  :clap:

2. Uh Huh!  :clap:

3. Yeah!  :clap:

4. Of Course!  :clap:

5. Sure thing!  :clap:

6. Why certainly, ........doesn't everybody?!  :cheers:

7. How about we do a group buy on this one?  :OMG:

Well said +1 on everything esp. #7!!
I've always considered myself a cautious driver. But I've noticed that since I've purchased the Z, I am VERY aware of many different things that I now do that I never did or even cared about in my other cars.

My small list of altered habits:

1. I notice curbs and steer wide so I don't rash my rims!
2. I will go out of my way to stay off of roads with pot holes!
3. I park very, very carefully and do a full walk around before I
leave the spot!
4. I will go across town to the other Zaxby's to get food just to
drive my Z longer!
5. After two years I still talk to the car..."Hi Z, how are
you?" "Ready to go for a drive?" LMAO
6. Look back when I park to see how sexy my Z is!
7. TRACK MY CAR!!! Never dawned on me to do this in any other
car I owned.

Okay what are your altered habits?
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are you sure? didn't you curb one of your konig's?? :doh:

Yep I did :headshake: and that's how I realized that I am not diligent enough in that area. I usually park well, but one day I did a parallel job and that's the only thing I can think of that had me rash my baby! I'm sick about it, but it can be repaired. :wavey:
Our cars effin rule....

I definitely am guilty of slowing down while passing reflective surfaces, or downshifting to get a little grunt from the engine while passing a group of people.

My favorite Z moment of the week happened a few days ago. I was passing a local church (as I was on the way to mine), and some kids were coming out of Sunday I passed, they all started to point at the Z....little kids crack me up.

On that note, my little brother (who is 9) had some friends over one time. As they were walking around outside, I was detailing my Z and one asks my little bro, "Is that the race car?!!!"
Haha....I love my Z!

Oh yeah she's a race car, a sporty one at that!!
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