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The 350Z with these mods...
2005 Nissan 350Z Enthusiast Modifications
---------------Engine Internals
Crower Billet Rods - CROWER ROD SET - $1,029

JE Pistons –
JUN Pistons -
Crower Custom Crankshaft –
Tomei 264 Camshafts - TOMEI CAMSHAFT SET - $1,179

----------Valve Sets
JUN Valve Retainers -
JUN Valves -
-----Valve Springs
JUN Valve Springs -

Injen Cold Air Intake - INJEN CAI - $249

----------Exhaust Systems
Injen SES Exhaust (True Dual) - INJEN EXHAUST - $809

DC Sports Ceramic Headers – DC Sports Headers - $439

----------High-Flow Cats/Cat-Replacement Pipes
Injen Straight Test Pipes (Cat-Replacement) - Injen Test Pipes - $208
Random Technology High-Flow Cats - Random Technology Cats - $645

---------------Grounding Kits
Z Enterprises Grounding Kit (Red) - Z Enterprises Grounding Kit - $65
Insaneamine Grounding Kit (Redline) (email him at [email protected]) – Insaneamine Grounding Kit - about $75
AEM Engine Management System (EMS) -
----------Replacement ECU’s
----------Reflash Program
Technosquare Reflash of OEM ECU (Should be available for 2004+ soon) -
Blitz 2-Row Aluminum Radiator - Blitz Radiator - $695
Unorthodox Racing 3-piece Pulley Set (Red) - UR Pulley Set - $325
Unorthodox Racing Pulley Belt –
-----------Coolant Hoses
Samco Sport Coolant Hose Kit (Red) -
---------------Short Shifters
Rogue Engineering Short Shifter - Rogue Short Shifter - $239
Dweeb’s 350Z Quick Shifter - Dweeb's Quick Shifter - $275

---------------Shift Boots Shift Boot (Red with yellow stitching) - Shift Boot - $30

---------------Shift Knobs

VIS Carbon Fiber
---------------Body Kits
Stillen Type 2 Body Kit
----------Front Bumper
Stillen Type 2 Front Bumper
----------Side Skirts
Stillen Type 2 Side Skirts
Veilside Version 3 Side Skirts
----------Rear Bumper
Stillen Type 2 Rear Bumper
Custom OEM Mirror with LED strip

Axis Seven
Axis Se7en
I-Forged Evolution
Toyo T1

Tein FLEX Coilovers
Tokico Shocks
Koni Adjustable Shocks
H&R Springs
----------Strut Bars/Tie Bars
JIC Carbon Fiber Strut Bar
----------Anti-Roll Bars
Eibach Anti-Roll Bar Kit

Cobra Misano R/L Seats
Sparco Milano3 Seats
Multiple DC Connectors
Elegant Wood Designs Carbon Fiber Dash Kit -Red CF Interior Kit (Center console, door, etc.) - $630
Suite E GrafX A-Pillar (Red CF) (w/molded gauge pods) - Suite E GrafX A- Pillar w/ gauge pods (Red CF) - $250
Custom fiberglass over OEM plastic interior pieces -

---------Head Units
MB Quart Q-Line 6.5” Speakers
-----Door Speakers
-------Behind Seat
Fahrenheit LCD TV (comes with In-Z pc) –
Icon 5.8" TV Visor Finishing Kit -
Image Engineering “In-Z PC” –
GNET Aurora Vehicle PC ($3192) -
Handheld Pocket PC Automobile Mount - Handheld PC Auto-Mount - $48

CoverCraft custom car cover – CoverCraft Custom Car Cover – ($365) WeatherShield Material

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This is a hard one. For me a toss up between the Porsche GT2 (Nice one LBSOHK) or McLaren F1.


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****, you beat me to it! The F1 is my dream car.

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I'd go with the carrera gt, maybe the gt2, or possibly a r34 skyline. I'd only consider the skyline instead of the carrera gt if I had unlimited modification money as well

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Originally posted by jinxxycat@Sep 7 2004, 01:13 PM
1970 Stingray

1968 Shelby Mustang GT500

<span style="color:darkblue">I'd love a Stingray, but it's definitely gotta be older than 70. And if you take that Shelby, and bump it back a year to 67, you've got one of my other favs ("Eleanor").

This pic is for you GT-R fans. It used to be my desktop (my desktop now rotates whenever Windows boots)</span>


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(all would have modifications) Mine would be the 350Z I mentioned earlier, a 2000 Nissan Skyline GTR, 67 Ford Mustang GT350, 1969 Chevrolet Camaro SS/RS, Pathfinder Armada, Chevrolet 2500HD 4X4 4 door, BMW 7 series sedan, Mini Cooper, and an 03 SVT Mustang (List is kind of lengthy huh?

Exotic cars just aren't my thing...

Oh yeah and this..............


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Found a pic of my dream car:

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