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In OZ we have a system of graded "PROBATIONARY " licencing for new licence recipients. The recipient has to display a "P" plate on the rear of the vehicle. Goes on for at least a year. Don't know the finer points.

I don't like the idea at all - the fuzz treat the P platers in a discriminatory way, and it belittles the kids. They should be properly trained in the first place - before they get on the road.



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This law was recently introduced into NSW as well. Poor fellas, a minority ruined it for the majority I'd say.

Originally posted by The Daily Telegraph
THE motorists of NSW have scored a stunning people's victory, with tough new P-plate laws to stop the carnage caused by young drivers.

Probationary drivers will be banned from driving high-powered cars and face restrictions on carrying passengers if they break the law. It follows a 10-month campaign – led by The Daily Telegraph – in which the families of youngsters killed and maimed on our roads pleaded for change.

No P1 or P2 driver will be able to drive high-powered vehicles – unless for work or exceptional circumstances.

P-plate drivers who have their licence suspended will not be allowed to carry more than one passenger for a period of 12 months.

Parents of some of the 24 young people who died in P-plate crashes since the campaign began said last night the laws were a victory for the people.

The regulations answer two of three things The Daily Telegraph readers asked for after 20-year-old Tim Hopkinson died in September 2004.

Roads Minister Michael Costa will today announce that from July 11:

P1 and P2 licence holders will be banned from driving turbo-charged, super-charged vehicles (diesel vehicles excepted), eight-cylinder vehicles and those with engine performance modifications. Exemptions will apply where powerful vehicles are required for genuine employment purposes, and where eight-cylinder 4WD vehicles are required by rural drivers;

A LIMIT of one passenger for 12 months will apply for P1 and P2 drivers who lose their licence because of a serious driving offence. The passenger restriction will apply when the licence is reissued;

NEW P-plate positioning, which also shows a driver's allowable speed limit and any restrictions, on licences;

CHANGES will not apply to current P-plate licence holders unless they are disqualified for an offence after July 11; and

A VEHICLE guide will be posted on the RTA website outlining the new rules.

The Daily Telegraph understands that other measures are expected to go before Cabinet for approval later in the year.

These will include higher standards for driver training – the third component of The Daily Telegraph campaign.

The laws would be reviewed by the Roads and Traffic Authority within 12 months.

"A 17-year-old driver with a P1 licence is about four times more likely to be involved in a fatal crash than a driver aged 26 or older," Mr Costa said.

"Each one of those fatalities represents a tragedy not only for the victims, but for their families and communities."

The new laws come from the NSW Government's Young Driver Discussion Paper, released last November, and a Road Users Summit in March.

The Daily Telegraph's delegate to that summit Rebecca Stanford – herself a P-plate accident victim – welcomed the reforms.

350z's or M3s won't be banned from P-platers but a 2L turbo 200sx will :doh:

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Thanks all. line a restriced license here. Kids can't drive HP cars?...hMM...maybe a good thing?...wouldn't be too popular here. esp. in the NASCAR states.

I was readin some NSW crime report when I came across the's a corker.

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Originally posted by Scandrew@Jun 9 2005, 04:07 PM
350z's or M3s won't be banned from P-platers but a 2L turbo 200sx will  :doh:

Yeah but how many P platers can afford a 350Z or an M3 as opposed to a cheap turbo skyline etc? I honestly couldn't care less about them wrapping themselves around poles but I do care about them taking out bystanders in the process. Personally I think they're getting off lightly. I'd also introduce power to weight figures like in VIC to further restrict the available cars.

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In QLD you don't have to display the P plate, unless the laws have changed.

Also yesterday, 5min before midnight, while I was driving to pick up my g/f, some guy in a little hatch back did a ricer fly by past me at around 130km/h+ (more likely 140+) on parramatta rd. It has 60km/h speed limit and very narrow lanes with lots of sharp turns, at least where he passed me. about 15seconds later I look in my rear view mirror and there was a cop car gunning past me after him. I'm not sure that the double demerit points kicked in 5 minutes after he got caught, but I think that he went straight behind the bars. He was a P platter too, it just shows that you don't need to have a high horse power car to do stupid things.
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