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WTB volks

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Looking to order wheels and tires with in the next few weeks and also please let me no how long the wait would be or if you have them instock.

Volk SF challenge in Mercury Silver
front 19/9.5 on 245/35/19 & rear 19/10.5 on 275/35/19 on toyo's

shipped or 23236

sorry would like them with 22+ off sets and my car is lowered with Eibach springs so my finders would be ok right? or what offset would be best?
I thought I'd post the original thread b/c some of our members don't visit that site too often....23236 huh? I used to live in 23236, parents still do! Just off midlo tpnk and arch road....

I would do some shopping online to get some prices. I went thru Brian at He got me the best price on my volks/toyos....he was also very helpful w/ all my questions via email and phone. Great vendor to work with. I priced them out on many difft website first and then went to him and said this is the lowest price I found out there for what I want, can you beat the price, and he did. :thumbsup: I think you would be better off contacting them instead of them contacting you initially. Do some research and then get the best price. :shiftdrive:
yea I remember you telling me you lived around here. I am right off reams.

Yea I ordered my SC from brian so I think thats where I will do my shopping
check your PM in my350Z. Replied there for you.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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