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My car is for sale...I would definitely want full payment which means a loan. But im willing to work with you a little on the price. Heres the link of the car.

Mods are as follows:
Built, balanced and blueprinted block with CP pistons 8.5:1, and crower rods
Cometic head gaskets
Full Greddy twin turbo kit with front mount
APS oil pan(greddy oil pan is ****)
Nismo low temperature thermostat
GReddy spark plugs heat range of 8
Greddy Evo2 exhaust full stainless steel
Helix cat delete pipes
Fully polished intake manifold
Greddy high pressure radiator cap
Autometer triple gauge pillar with autometer boost and EGT gauges and AEM wideband O2 gauge
Greddy type s blow off valves
Greddy turbo timer
Greddy profec b spec 2 boost controller
Spec stage 3 clutch and spec lightweight flywheel(which spec makes jim wolf tech flywheels)
Altered Atmosphere return style fuel system
AAM ecu reflash
Clear corners and Fairlady Z badging are the only thing touched on the exterior of the car...kinda letting that go until I figure out if im selling the car or definitely keeping it.
Always kept under the Nissan car cover and was purchased from day one and garaged.
Roughly 10,500 miles on the car and 1,800 on the new motor and it was properly broken in.
If you have anymore questions please PM.
More pics of my car from the local shop that did all the work to my car...

171 Posts
Originally posted by Nis350ZTT@Jun 29 2005, 03:42 PM
Why are you selling it? Didn't it JUST get done???

Yes the car got finished in the middle of May or so. Its not that im not happy with it at all. I love my Z to death. I would kinda like a project car that will be paid for tho. Cause I quickly found out over this last winter that making monthly payments and paying insurance on a car that is outta commission for 6 months is not fun. And im not saying that I have given up on the car either. Obviously there is alot of potential in this car as it sits. But im just realizing that its not done for me....I know that as soon as you start pushing the potential of the new motor then you are gonna lose axles and tranny and other little stuff along the way. I may never sell my Z but if I do I want it to be to someone that is gonna take care of my baby!
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