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WTB: Stock 350Z Intake Tube

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Looking for a stock Z tube off the 350 air intake. I know a lot of you guys have aftermarket air intakes and someone out there has gotta have a stock intake tube lying around right??? I don't care if its clean, dirty, or has been laying in your garage for two years. As long as it has no holes or cracks and your willing to through it in a box then I'll take it (and yes I'll pay shipping by the way). LOL if you haven't already guessed, I'm one of the few G35 coupe drivers lurking around these parts. Don't you feel sorry for us infiniti guys with our crappy sound baffled stock intakes ? :whine: So if you've got a Z tube, post here or PM me and make an offer!!
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My advice: Toykilla is selling some mean intake tubes in polished, chrome, carbon fiber, ect... Either get one of those, or wait till everyone else does. When they do, there will be an overflow of Z tubes.
hey birtd, Red said it exactly what i was gonna say. you can order one from toykilla but it might be a while do to the orderign process we have to go through, or you can jut wait adn get one from a fellow Z owner.
I have one also and the air box


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