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WSID Street Meet

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Hey everyone.

With the Unichip going in on Wednesday, I thought I might do some "proper" straightline testing of the car that night and take it to WSID. I'd love to see some other 350Z owners out there, with various mods, to see what we can do.

There's always spectating. There are usually some nice cars (even though they say its a street meet, there are plenty of shops testing their dedicated drag racers) and its a lot better than running your own vehicle.

Is anyone interested in coming along? Please reply with whether you're coming, and if you're going to run or just watch. Each competitor can bring one "pit crew" car, so it can be parked in the lot rather than out in the regular carpark.

Anyway, I'll be posting this on a couple of other forums I frequent so hopefully we can get a good Nissan crowd there.
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(Bear in mind that I don't know when I'll be getting my car back from the mechanic's, so I don't even know if I'll be able to get to WSID before they fill up.)
Scathing - I cannot go to WSID on the next few Wednesdays. Late June is when I have a Wed free.

Irrespective, I'm not a huge fan of dragracing my car in the winter months. Tyre temp is just too cold and you need a fair burnout to get some reasonable heat into the tyres in order to get descent grip off the line for a descent ET.
I'm mechanically sympathetic and not keen on big burnouts as I suspect that my previous burnouts may have caused issues with my LSD which was replaced?????
Despite that, when a friend of mine returns from overseas next month, we will be going to WSID (assuming he can get a leave pass from his wife). He has an 05 WRX, so grip won't be an issue for him, but will for me.

Let us know what times you do post Unichip. With your mods, I'm confident that you'll get consistant 13.XX passes so long as you can get some grip off the starting line.
I probably won't burnout at all.

I want to run these tests in "street trim" (although I will set the rear dampers as soft as they go, since I regularly drive like that on the street) for the most part.

I might drop the rear pressures for the last few runs and dial up more front damper bound as it gets to the end of the night.

No burnout????
Good luck, but don't expect fast 60' or ET times on cold tyres, especially if you have to wait 45min to 1hr in between runs, like I had to.
My tyres feel hard and spin fairly easily in the mornings when the temp is around 12deg, which is what it will be at nights.
In fact, as you pass through the water trap, your tyres will be wet and cold - double wammy against fast times.
Also, when driving on the street, your tyres will have greater temperature than at the drags sans burnout. So you'd probably get a better launch from a street race anyway.
Irrespective, your trap speed at the end of the 1/4 will be an indication of how fast the car is, despite the cold tyres.
From the staging to start line I might roll up there with a bit of wheelspin, but I'm not going to sit there generating smoke signals. :)
"Smoke signals" - LOL!!!
A 1st gear light scrub is all I ever did also. Just need to get the water and any other debris off the tyres.
So Scathing, did you end up going to WSID? If so, how did you go?
Didn't end up going.

Got the car back and realised that I'd left my rego papers at home.
Got the car back and realised that I'd left my rego papers at home.

Why would you need the rego papers? Racing for pink-slips? ;-)
Even though its more important, some people race for motivations other than the respect, yo. :D

Nah. The rules at WSID for the Street Meets are that you have to bring the rego papers to prove you own the vehicle (or a letter from the owner). Its there to stop people from stealing cars and running them.
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