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Wiring for Auto-Dim Mirror

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I have a base model. I have installed the auto-dimming mirror (w/compass). The Nissan instructions appear to be for the 2003 model. Picture of harness connectors and wiring color and pin locations seem different.

For example the mirror has three connectors:
1. Black/Red wire to switched power
2. Black wire to batter power
3. Ground

The Black/Red is supposed to go to a Light Green wire on a 16 pin connector and the Black is supposed to go a Red/White wire on a 12 pin connector. These connectors are supposed to be in the Body Control Module below the fuse box (driver side outer bulkhead).

I have a 40 pin and two 15 (9/6) pin connectors.

The 2004 Service Manual says whats signals on a connector, but doesn't say what pin they are on. At least I haven't found that yet.

I hope someone can provide the correct wires I need to tap ithe switched and battery connections to for the Auto-Dim morror on a 2004 base model.
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