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A quick review
After reading some reviews, good and bad, I bit the bullet and got one of these 3-4 months ago as I was getting a bit annoyed with having to plug my phone in the for CarPlay. There’s a few different ones available and they all pretty much do the same thing and all about similar price. Got mine for about $85 delivered.

First off the unit is small and sits inside the armrest fine, it also has a usb pass through so you can charge and use CarPlay at the same time.

after the initial connection/setup the unit works very well. setup is fairly simple, screen comes on and tells you to connect to a specific Bluetooth/Wi-fi and then everything is automatic.

CarPlay is slower to start up compared to cable but we are talking seconds difference. Mine connects by the time I get to the end of my street so quick enough.

using CarPlay is not any different to wired. One thing I noticed was I can use the touchpad to navigate CarPlay where as by cable I couldn’t. A bit of a bonus functionality. There’s a slight delay in button pressing and only noticeable when you want to fast forward a few songs on a playlist and it only registers 1 or 2 presses whether it’s steering wheel buttons or the fast forward in the volume knob.

the only bad thing I found is when the unit doesn’t connect with the phone. I found if you pull the dongle out the USB port and plug back in everything starts working again. This has happened twice on me in the few months.

there’s also a way you can update the dongle which is quite good. I did an update on mine and it made connection a bit quicker other than that it just works the same

anyway hope this helps others.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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