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Hi Guys,
Neil from Alfa club is wondering if anyone of you want to come to Winton with them on the 30st of October? As everyone who was at Sandown with them 3 weeks ago knows, they run a really well organized day and you're sure to get good amount of track-time.

Also Winton is the possibly the most 'fun' track around as it has lots of corners and most of them are taken at 100kph or bellow. The quickest one is or around 130kph (if you're getting hang of things). Also the straights are not too long so the brakes don't take a huge beating.

For anyone interested, the entry form is bellow:

- 30/10/2005 Winton Entry form (Alfa-club)

ps. Entry is $140 and all the usual CAMS stuff like club-membership, CAMS L2S license, extinguisher, and helmet are required.
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