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Winter Tires?

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Was wondering what tires people have been using during the winter months? Im going to try to keep it in the garage as much as possible but I know I will still be driving it. Ive heard a lot of good and also some bad on the Blizzak's so was just wondering what people are using.
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I have blizzaks on my stock rims for winter but have not used them yet, and hope not to!!!
I have perelli, but haven't had a chance to use them and don't want to have to test them out...I heard they will be a huge improvement over stock tires, but I'm sure that it'll still be **** if there is any nominal amount of snow on the ground.
I used to use Blizzaks, when I had Mustang and toyota camry and worked very well, however you are driving rear wheel drive car and will have less traction than front wheel cars. But you will notice the difference beteen two tires as soon as you put it on. (On snow or dry)
Suppose to work for about 3-5 winters depends on your driving style. Needs to have summer tires, since it's made out of very soft compunds (My parents used this tire in summer and and drove over 15,000 miles and was still good)

I personally would recommand Blizzaks, but will cost you!!! :bump:

Oh, I will try not drive in winter time (Snow day, or with a lot of salt on days)
It seems that Blizzaks are the best snow tires out there. But ZSUN is right, they get rather pricey.
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