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Windshield Vinyl

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anybody have any pics of a z with a BLANK winshield vinyl that is the same color of the car? I was thinin bout doing that but I gotta see how it looks, if it looks gay or not
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i would say dont do that.... would kill the lines of the z
ok toykilla who is on ur avatar. she's hot
****.... since when are girls so into cars..... toykilla post some more pics of u and ur car

i see so many girls on this site with 350s . sometimes it makes me feel like i got a chick's car

lol jk :doh:
that aint toykilla
thats christina aguuilera
You guys had me going for a second...then I was thinking...Toykilla's name is Josh...doesn't quite match up.

I've been wondering who the chick in the signature was though...
bahaha, [super troopers] I got you good you ******!! [super troopers/]

You mean like a big sticker the same color of the car across the top of the windsheild? I agree w/ Toykilla, I think it would take away from the beauty of the Z......

lol jetpilot! :biggrin:

Just gotta point out that I am really a girl hahahaha for real....
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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