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Window tint

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Does any1 know a good garage in Sydney area?? What films would you recomend?? Is Sol-ace any good? Im looking for quality tint that will last atleast 5 years, with max UV protection and atleast 50% heat blocking.

PS: What shade would best suit my black Z??
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I'm pretty sure most reputable places all use quality films. There are not too many film manufactures, just alot of rebranding/badging nowadays, alot of it is 3M (hate those bastards).
I believe darkest 'legal' tint is 35%. Some guys may do 'afterhours' work off the books if you want darker but I'd say you could kiss goodbye to any warranty.
If you stick to the bigger shops you should be safe, but you pay a premium. At least you know they will be around in 5 yrs if there are any hassles.
Nah,, i would not go over the legal limit anyways. I like people to see me driving my Z :shiftdrive: :shiftdrive: :shiftdrive:

On the serious note, its because i comute a lot after dark. last thing i need is realy dark glass.

PS: what is the fair price for quality tint on Z, i have quotes from $250 - $700.
I wouldn't pay more than $300 in peak season or $250 off peak for top of the line film. FWIW I paid $200 for the 20% I had on the car.
I just had 35% done on my Super Black. They had a special for $175 USD (regularly $195 USD) here in Oregon. It looks better than nothing but I wish I had gone least a little darker.

But I also didn't want my wife to get pulled over for having illegal tint. That would have been very, very bad. I'm legal and it looks good...but something around 25% would be ideal on a Super Black IMO.
DJ777, I am pretty sure that some places will try to stick you for extra dollars because they treat the zed as a prestige car!
When I got quotes (haven't gone thru with install yet) most of the places said that.
I countered & said there were only two doors, so basically 3 windows (not counting those little ones) so they would use much less film etc...
Depending on the film the cheapest I could get was $250.00
next grade up film was $375.00
Take care - there's different substrates - ie polyester/polycarbonate/etc.

Some (polyester) scratch very easily, and the dearer ones are bulletproof.

Not too sure of the poly names, but just be careful.

If you can't get around the bulldust, I'll get the good oil from the horses mouth for you.

If you've got a model with the tire pressure minitor, the only guaranteed way to keep it functioning correctly is to NOT use metallic tint film. My cousin had problems with it. As long as his windows were down, it functioned okay. Windows up, he kept getting low pressure warnings, no pressure indication or bad readings. Go ceramic, highly scratch resistant, 35% tint to stay legal (most places). The manufacturer (Formula One) says it has a 52% heat reduction and blocks 99% UV and has a lifetime warranty. The quoted price was $425. I knew the owner of the tint shop, so I paid way less.

Safe Driving Mate
ps. going to put on "Roo-Guards"? LOL!
We don't have the tyre pressure monitoring in Oz, but I wish it were an option. The ceramic film sounds good!
Originally posted by frosty@Jan 4 2005, 04:51 PM
If you can't get around the bulldust, I'll get the good oil from the horses mouth for you.

Frosty if you can get some inside info I'm sure all of us would be interested to hear it.

The guy who did my Zed has done my last 3 cars ad will probably do my next one as well but while I've never had any problems I've also never been sure I was getting the best available.
Yeah - spill the beans Frosty.
I need to get a new tint on my other car and certainly don't want it to scratch up in the first few months.
I did a search for tint film and they seem to start at around $200 and go up from there. However, I am confused as to what is good and what's not????
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