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Hey Z gang -

I just got off the phone with the guy who is renting Willow Springs Raceway for us and other sports car groups on June 4, which is in Rosamond, Calif. near Lancaster. This is the big road course, NOT Streets of Willow. He suggested two things that I think are great ideas and I wanted to gauge your interest.

First, as was my original intent, we can make this a true 350Z Challenge event, with 4 to 6 track days at different racetracks in California each year. I thought maybe we should see how the first one goes on June 4 before deciding to get into a true series, but I really believe that those of you who have never had your car on a track before will want to go back again after June 4. I only started doing this last fall, and now I go at least once a month.

We have about 10 cars with VQ35DE engines signed up. By that I mean 350Zs and G35 Coupes. I was not aware that anyone on this e-mail list has a G35C (or maybe I just forgot). If you have a G35 and have already signed up for Big Willow on June 4, please send me an e-mail so I can keep track. Of course you are welcome at the 350Z Challenge Series. If we get enough G35s, maybe we change the name to 350Z/G35 Challenge Series, or VQ35DE Challenge Series, or, who knows.

The other thing is that we ought to start a new Club just for 350Zs and G35Cs that want to do racetrack events. We need a very simple website. This would not be intended to compete with any of the existing 350Z websites that we all know and love (ahem . . .). It would simply be a place for us all to get together to announce and sign up for track events, and share information strictly related to driving on the track.

If anyone has the skills to develop a simple website, please let me know.

You can sign up for the event at . The cost is $120 for all day, and it indcludes free timing equipment for any 350Z or G35C that shows up (a $20 value). Thanks to all. See you on June 4.
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