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I wanted to know what is a good wideband to use....I am mainly looking for a good price on one. I know there are a few different companies that make them....I need good price on a quality wideband....

Suggestions and opinions welcome here guys/gals
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You mean something like this?

Yeah that exactly what i meant....
So you have some heavy duty mods on your Z then?
I am getting there i have a few things i am getting besides the wideband. I am mainly doing some research and talking to one of my tuner budies of mine.....i am have been talking to him seeing what he might suggest going with on my car.....

I have on it
JWT pop charger
Kinetix plenum
Eibach springs

coming soon Topseed exhaust
and Helix test pipes
and S-AFC
AEM wideband

I am want F/I but don't have that kind of I am going N/A as of now....

I eventually want Tomei cams, Unorthodox pulleys, Gruppe-S Y-pipe,OS Giken clutch, Walbora fuel pump, and new injectors, Strupp headers

If you have any suggestion please let me know thanks
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Save your money! You don't need a wideband yet! The stock narrow band is more than sufficient at the A/F ratios and EGT that you're running while N/A. I would imagine the same thing holds true with the Walbro Fuel pump and the larger injectors...unless there is an inherant flaw in the Z's fueling(never tested it).

However, if you choose not to listen to my advice shoot me an e-mail and I will point you in the right direction.
Is it true that what I read that the later 04 models now have a wideband as the OEM 02 sensor?

Also I have the AEM gauge wideband on my Celica and it's fantastic I can only recommend it
Check out the Zeitronix wideband. That's what I'm running and it's cheap and works great!

I'm using the M300 wideband from with their WB to NB converter and the Autometer AF gauge. You can get the M300 for around $300 with Bosch WB sensor.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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