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Who's got the lightest wheels?

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Hey all,

Just curious who on here has the lightest wheels on their Z. Post up weights, sizes, and pics if ya can.. I'm lookin to make a decision soon, and I want it to be for the right reason - performance and not bling.

Sooo have at it!
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I was just looking to pick up the Blue Mag te37.

They are to my knowledge one of the lightest wheels around.

18" something like 15lb.

$1400/wheel retail?
~$4200 on sale
he shoot me a price around 4400 without tires.

(if i should not type this, someone please tell me so I can remove it)
and yes, that is expensive for a set of wheels! :p

I take it you don't like the color? LOL
1 - 4 of 32 Posts
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