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Who's got the lightest wheels?

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Hey all,

Just curious who on here has the lightest wheels on their Z. Post up weights, sizes, and pics if ya can.. I'm lookin to make a decision soon, and I want it to be for the right reason - performance and not bling.

Sooo have at it!
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Mine are Volks LE28N's 18x8.5 and 18x9.5....the fronts are just under 14 lbs and the rears just under 15 lbs....


I've seen those in person in bronze.. absolutely amazing and very light. You have officially given me wheel envy, I hadnt realized those are the same wheels you have!

-Steve (feels like he need to make a move on wheels and stop putting it off)
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LOL I love them!!!! You should see the boys next door drool over them (honda boys w/ steel 14 inch rims lol) Just DO IT (starsky and hutch voice)....BTW Bryan at gave me a heck of a deal, beat all the other prices I got on them....

No prob Dave, here are the best ones that I can find that show the lip...the front is less deep than the rears....

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Difference I think was b/c of the toyos not b/c of the wheels....:dunno: I did feel that more ppl were lookin at her :wink:
that's what the guy who sold them to me told me....forged monoblock....
Truth be rear wheel came in yesterday

rears: 17.6 guy was off by 2.6 lbs, but hey I am pleased. Fronts would be lighter but I don't know by how much....

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