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Which picture should go up in my garage?

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Hopefully you cant notice the bugs on the bumpers.. thats what happens when you hit back country roads at 135MPH on the way to getting pictures.

My neighbor and I decided it was a good day for a drive and some pictures in Austin. I agreed, and now I am going to get one of the pictures blown up and posterized for the garage... any recommendations on which one?
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I do like that one, its got a great profile of both cars...
OK, now.. which one is shinier.. the one done in Zaino, or the one done in NXT? :starwars:
Yep, EditPad does all that stuff too. I think they are very similar. I just got turned onto EditPad first. I like that it lets me create my own templates. And I love the regular expression find/replace

And I like that pic of the Nissan badge
Do you have someplace to make large prints for fairly cheap?
Dunno yet... I was going to try Kinkos... or Sam's

Any suggestions? I dont want to pay more than say 20 bucks, and whats the largest prints I should get from 6.1 megapixels?
21 - 26 of 26 Posts
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