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Which picture should go up in my garage?

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Hopefully you cant notice the bugs on the bumpers.. thats what happens when you hit back country roads at 135MPH on the way to getting pictures.

My neighbor and I decided it was a good day for a drive and some pictures in Austin. I agreed, and now I am going to get one of the pictures blown up and posterized for the garage... any recommendations on which one?
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oh crud. lemme fix the pictures.. stupid frontpage
Yeah we live in Austin, I was in SA last Wed at the drag strip for my first run ever. What fun!

The pics should be up soon. Also, be aware, I left them in the original format of 3000x2000 pixels, so they are HUGE. I may downsize them if enough people look at them. Feel free to keep a picture if you like any.

I have been practicing using my Canon Rebel Digital.
Sorry, I posted prematurely, I am fighting with Frontpage...

Some of these pics are really beatiful and are worth it, I promise!
Originally posted by Redefined350z@Dec 21 2004, 11:25 AM
I think you should go with this one...


Its true.... dammit...
Well, frontpage, CAN be quick, but I am running a remote session on my home computer from work hehe. That doesnt help much.

But they are up! The vertical shots need to be fixed, and I will do that, but y oull get the idea.

I really like this one:

No, I agree, but I have yet to find a WYSIWYG html editor I like...

but the html code it produces is God-awful....

well.. its better than Word LMFAO
Originally posted by jinxxycat@Dec 21 2004, 12:03 PM
Nice shots, I like this one

Me too, thats the 360 Bridge... I will have to chop out the lamp, which shouldnt be too tough... that was a great spot though, no one to screw with us, and the bridge in the background... the light was interesting... may try again when its brighter, or in the morning...
Textpad kicks ass... I use it for my C/C++ programming, but I never liked texting HTML because it takes so long to get it the way you want it... and I dont do it often enough to get used to it...
I can do html, but I have to code/check code/check etc etc and its a pain.

I have heard of Editpad and assuming its like Textpad, Iimagine its quite good. Textpad color codes it for you (HTML, java, C, etc), handle multiple files easily, searches/replaces are easy, bookmarks etc.

These are some more I really like...
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I do like that one, its got a great profile of both cars...
OK, now.. which one is shinier.. the one done in Zaino, or the one done in NXT? :starwars:
Dunno yet... I was going to try Kinkos... or Sam's

Any suggestions? I dont want to pay more than say 20 bucks, and whats the largest prints I should get from 6.1 megapixels?
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