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Which N2O kit is best for 350z????

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Going for a nos kit which system is the best for my car NOS, NX, or Brock!
And where is the best place to buy the complete system? Please help!
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I have the nitrous express kit (NX). I like it. I do recommend you get a remote bottle opener though. Its a pain to be turning around to open the "laughing gas".
JM, how much hp does your NX have? Is it reliable so far for you? Thanks
I'm not much help in the nitrous department due to lack of knowlege, but this is definitely a good read for anyone interested.
Yes it was a good read, thanks!

I havent gotten it dynoed, but man it kicks. Many said that the 35 shoot that im running now, to stay conservative, was nothing and that I wouldnt feel a difference, but OH YEAH I did! Maybe I will try the 50 or 75 this weekend if I have time. Beleive it or not I have been going around town with the bottle out of the car, saving it for the track. Most of the people freaked me out saying that if cops pull you over then they take the car away. But what do you So Cal residents think? Any Cop encounter with NOS in the car?

I like the NX though.
I'm gonna vote for the NX kit. Heard a lot of good things about it and i've been reading a lot as i'm planning on going the n2o route myself. I like edlebrock and they make quality stuff, but I wanted to stick with a wet kit.
I would agree with NX as well. Seems to be the choice for Z-owners who want a wet kit and it's pretty complete.
from what I've read, NX is definately the way too go. So another vote for them.
Here is a pic of the NX bottle on my car. If this may be of any help. I was very scared to get into Nitrous. Everybody told me that I would end up with a blown engine, but after doing research I found that it could happen only if it is missused or used with too much of a high shot. I beleive the 35-50-75 shoot configuration is safe. What do you guys think of using the 35 shot most of the time or the 50 one? For all of you with extensive NX experience wouldnt you agree with these shots being safe? Or the NX being safe period, if used as I stated? I think its the biggest bang for the buck. By the way, any So Cal Z drivers or NX owners know what happens if copd pull you over with NX in the car, or how to have the NX set so cops wont take the car away? I was curious since I have heard contradicting info on this matter. Thanks.


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You've been wondering the whole cop thing for a while, why don't you just go to a police station and ask. They aren't going to search your car for asking, and then you know your answer...
NX it is then! Thanks everyone.

Beleive me I tried finding that out from them directly. All they said was you cant have it (use it). So I asked how I'm I supposed to go to the track? I asked what if the bottle is diconnected? He said no. What if another car just takes the bottle with out the system? He said no. I asked so how does companies transport this to be shipped? I dont know he said. And this beleive it or not was a CHP officer. To be safe I now drive without the bottle. If anything I put it on to go to the track. I asked ok If you see the bottle will you tow the car, he said maybe, If I feel like it. I said is it the law for you to tow it? He sad It could be. FOr all the cops out there, dont push people away from you guys who are trying to gatehr info to be safer and trying to go with the law. Respect is won not imposed. Im tired of cops being abussive. I had too much of those stories. Beleive me I do. :headshake:
my buddy told me that he ran nos in his cars and as long as you dont have any nos in the line, or have the line disconnected your good. he has never got a ticket for having nos in his car and he has been pulled over quite a bit and not 1 ticket from the bottle being in the car. the bottle was mounted in the rear of a crx where you can see it from the window in the hatchback.
You still looking for a kit or did you already buy one?
Have not bought it yet but I am going to soon. Like before March 7th. That is my deadline.
whats better for the z wet or dry cause i was also planing to get the kit and where can i buy the nitrous express specificaly for the z??
Wet kit.

Try contacting them and see what part number it is.
and what shot is the limit like 75?? 100??
75 is the limit for a wet kit.
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