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which Gauges would u choose

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I am needing help picking out some gauges... which ones look the best for the money. Is their any that matches the orange stock gauges?
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Defi BF Amber series match the interior lights PERFECT from what i've heard.

But, Autometer has the Nexus series gauges and you can change the colors, so you could match the interior lights with that.
The Defi BF are SEXY!!! Too bad each gauge is around $200. Plus you have to buy the Defi Link control unit= $100.

Car on:

Car off:

Sorry the pics are of the blue BF gauges, but you get the picture.
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of coures, aftermarket gauges are a waste IMO unless you have the need for them (boost gauge, A/F for forced induction, etc) the stockers work decent so no reason to change them out at all.
Hey redline why are you selling your car??
well I just recently decided that i am going to keep it. I was selling it because i was planning on getting a supra. Hopefully soon ill actually be needing the guages...I think iam going to go with the HKS type 1 turbo timer, and maybe the blitz BLM carbonface gauges idk though. Is there a website that i can see the gauges real good like day and night?
The Defi BF?

ACP on has them,, go to this link and scroll down, there are a few video's, this is what inspired me to get Defi BF's (but then I realized they were lb. and not psi, so I decided to get Autometer Nexus gauges).
Glad to hear you found what you wanted. :cheers:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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