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Originally posted by SmoothZ+Jul 6 2005, 02:03 PM-->
@Jul 6 2005, 03:39 PM
any recommended rotors for nonbrembo z's ?

I would think any of the well known names would be better than OEM. I had KVR cadmium plated rotors on my Z32; loved them. They were cross drilled. However, I think this time around I will be getting slotted.

ive been wondering this too. ive found very few that i like as far as looks(i dont track my car) for my base and have still come up kinda short. stillen has a few but i dont really like the looks. found some ebay stuff but dont really trust them any more.ive tried google searches for performance rotors and most come up are for the brembos. im still searching:

found these from our vendors:

not sure abou these for a base

my favorite so far

hope that helped
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