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Where you this happy when you got your Z

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Ummmmm, what? :doh:

Awesome! Yes Yes I felt like singing but I didn't make an arse out of myself! hahahahaha

And I would feel like leaving and w/o THAT dude..............hahahahahhaahahha
Oh man, I sang that exact same song when I got me Z! :jk: The original version one is the funniest
What original version M8. If you have link please post it up, id love to see it. I loughed my but off when i saw this one, that guy is new "star wars kid" :)
When you click play, it gives you three options:
Play with subtitles
Play without subtitles
Play original version

The last one is what I'm talking about
Nope... I was happier.. :)
That was priceless!

I laughed my ass off the whole time. Thanks for that one!

And yeh, I was happier too :)
Great find, and I was definitely that happy :)
:wtf: That was :ghey:

What language was that? Portuguese?
No its eastern european i belive, polis romanian bulgarian.. not sure but its deff, former Soviet Sattelite.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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