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I will give a short run down of whats on the car.
26k mile 03 touring, with 2k on the new engine.

Stage 2 VQ35 Long Block

GReddy Twin Turbo
2 TD05H 18G turbos
2 Type-S external wastegates
2 Airinx filter assemblies
2 cast stainless-steel turbo manifolds
Larger main injectors
E-Manage with direct PC LINK and software, with PRofec e-01 boost controller outfitted with a trick e-Manage programmer.
Front-mount Intercooler with three-row chiller and cast aluminum end tanks, dual inlets and single 80mm outlet leading to the throttle body
Unorthodox Ultra SS 3-Piece Pulley Set
Borla Cat-Back Free Flow Exhaust

Wiseco Pistons .020 over
Eagle/SCAT H Beam Rods
ARP Rod Bolts
Block inspected and cleaned
Block redecked
Block Bored and Honed using a Torque Plate
Rotating assembly balanced
Crank magnafluxed and the journals micro-polished
New Moly coated Race Spec main bearings installed
New Moly coated Race Spec rod bearings installed
Block assembled
New OEM Head Gaskets
Heads inspected and cleaned
Heads redecked
Ported exhaust and intake runners
JWT S2 Upgraded Cams
JWT Heavy Duty Valve Springs
5 angle radius cut valve job
New OEM Valve stem seals installed
Valve Stem Heights set
Cold Clearance set for cams
New OEM Rev-up Oil Pump

I am curious as the boost is the stock tune of 5-6 psi could I push it farther?

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8.5 PSI works for me

I'm running 8.5PSI with a Vortech V3 supercharger on a stock engine with a secondary control computer. Since it's a supercharger, that boost is only developed above 6000, so its not boosting that high during normal driving. My guess is that you can go at least that high, but insure you get it tuned properly.

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Dude you have a built motor so yes you can turn the boost much higher then you are now...just remember to have it retuned before you mess with the boost settings.I am at 9 psi on a stock block so you have a ways to go.
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