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When do I get to see a Brickyard Roadster?

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Bored today so I thought I would throw this out. I've heard several roadster owners mention possibly doing this, but no one has actually followed through yet. Any chance someone is actually going to do this?

I would, but I'm too deep in the Brick Coupe to switch over now.
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Worth a try..

Tell the shop You have a Civic or any Ricer machine and you wanna change color.. You'll probably see a price cut of at least $6000 off that price. I've tried
I went from $1400 to install and paint my body kit "mentioned the Z" to $380 installed and painted "blind quote, but I did mention the color code". After you get the quote show up in your Z and tell them ..oops..
Well, for sure they'll spit in your paint if you do this... I'm just saying try it so you would know if you'r paying for the paint or your paying for having a Z.. then you would establish a bench mark for the price, from that point you can shop right without feeling ripped off for having a nice car.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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