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Took road trip on Sunday and about twenty minutes into hwy driving of my new 2005 z, I noticed the low tire pressure sensor light came on. I toggled through the computer menu and saw the two rear wheels were not seeing any info, and neither was the front right wheel.

Pulled over and checked with a digitial gauge on all wheels and the pressure was fine. Turned off the engine when I stopped.

Started my trip again, and I check all the sensors on the computer display - they were all working fine again.

Twenty minutes or so back on the highway, and the low tire pressure sensor light came on again, I check the computer, and this time it was the front right only, not sending data. I ignored it now, cause I knew the tires were fine.

On the way back, later that day, the same thing happened again on the front right sensor.

I used the cruise alot on the way there, but I didn't use it at all on the way, just trying to see if that had anything to do with it...

I've been driving the car, mostly just a few miles , to work everyday for about three weeks and haven't seen this problem before, and this morning I drive into work, and all the sensors worked just fine.

Bad sensor in the wheel ? Computer program upgrade needed ? Does highway speeds have anything to do with it ?
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