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Wheel Pricing

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What would you all consider a fair price for the SF-Winnings? Assume 19x9.5 Front and 19x10.5 Rear.

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hmm i would say around $2200 my opinion but im not an expert, call jon at and ask him
Also, what offset should I get. I want to leave room for brake upgrade (6POT Front and 4 POT Rear) when I go to buy these wheels.
well when i got my GT7's i got +24 fronts and +23 rears. i dont know if they are gonna be the same though.
Ched I looked around breifly and only found 2 sites w/ pricing on them. They also only listed sizes 18's x8 up to x10...the biggest ones I found pricing on were the 18x10's and they are listed at $695 on one site, and $605 on another. which would be between $2432 and $2780. I am sure you can work out a better deal w/ someone directly. I got my Volks and tires for $2860, mounted balanced lugs center caps and shipping. I think you can get them for a lot lower than you see on the web. Here's something interesting, wonder if I can attach a pdf?


1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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