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I wanted to post up a thread letting everyone know that I will be going back to the automotive shop to have my alignment done for the 3rd. time. I installed a Tein Suspension and I had to have my car's alignment done, so I brought it in and BAM it was done. Then a week or two later, I had an issue with the car drifting to the left as I drove on the highway at high speeds. So I decided that I would have to take it back it for an adjustment, well I also developed a rattling sound from one of the rear struts, it turned out that after taking it out of the car, I found the top nut came loose on the left rear strut and that was the cause of the noise. After tightening the nut and putting the suspension back into the car, it happened to lower the car a little on the one side, enough so that it threw out my rear camber. I could easily notice it when I walked up to my car in the parking lot. So I took the car back in for its second alignment, and everything was okay, until a week later when I heard the rattling again. This time it was the spanner nut and that was easy to tighten, but when I did, without thinking about it I managed to change the height of the rear suspension again! So now my rear toe alignment is off, and my car starts to sway left and right at high speeds and when I am turning, it’s kinda scary! So now I will have to take my car back in again. This is really starting to get annoying and I just wanted to post about it. Every time I go in for an alignment, it costs me around $100, so now I will have dropped around $300 just for getting my wheels aligned.

Okay, I am done venting...

Has anyone else had an issue with their aftermarket suspension and getting their alignment done?
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