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Hi guys and girls, I'm going to be upgrading my suspension and brakes. My 350 is my daily driver but I also take it to the track every now and then.

Without spending a fortune I'd like to improve the handling and braking before increasing HP. I've currently got the stock 17'' wheels but will probably be upgrading to 18" or 19" wheels later on down the road.

What are your opinions on brands and styles?
Any help would be much appreciated.

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Suspension: Koni 8241 single adjustable shocks with Eibach prokit springs. Matched with NISMO S-tune swaybars, it made my Z33 slightly more neutral in handling at the limit. Lowered the Z about an inch without making it too stiff and has been very durable.

As for brakes, the OEM Brembos that came with the track or GT models really are the best bang-for-the-buck. Plenty of pad options and keeps unsprung weight to a minimum, while adding plenty of heat sink capability to the brakes.
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