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what size fuel injector to support higher power levels


Hi Guys, There's been a good deal of talk lately about what size injectors and fuel pressure you need to support higher power from an efficient twin turbo system. Here's an excellent link that provides all of the data required to specify a corectly sized fuel injector for any power level that you want to produce, you just plug in the data and the calculator specifies the correct sized injectors that you need.

From this work sheet you can clearly see that the stock injector even at very high fuel presure cannot safely support the power from forced induction systems safely.

From recent fuel injector flow work conducted at APS the stock VQ fuel injector flows

1) 328 cc at 100% duty cycle at 43.5 psi fuel pressure,

2) 376 cc at 100% duty cycle at 58 psi fuel pressure

3) 412 cc at 100% duty cycle at 72.5 psi fuel pressure.

The site recomends that the fuel injectors should not run above 80% duty cycle (which is an industry standard) so please take that into account when making your calculations, have fun.

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