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what down pipe to GReddy TT kit ?

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hi guys ...

i am planing to install the GReddy TT kit to my car ,, but what is the best down pipe i can install with out check engine light ,,,

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down pipe? the kit comes with its own. you can try to have someone fabricate one for you but i dont see the point
What piece are you referring to the down pipe? our exhaust is like this:

As pointed out....The Greddy kit includes the down could fabricate a modified one I suppose.

Might want to post/move to the F/I section of the forums.
i have already installed the GReddy TT kit , but i have it with out down pipe i have also the GReddy evo2 exhust system,, so that im asking ,,,
i take it you dont have the intercooler, right?
Ditto. :)
This post is maddening... :)

OK...what exactly are you asking? The greddy kit comes with a downpipe....TWO of them...each one bolts to the exhuast housing of the turbo.

I think you are refering to straight pipes. And to answer your always have the risk of a CEL. They are just a pipe with nothing in them, so one brand will not be more likely to get a CEL that another. I went with Helix and the fitment was very good.
Well if youre wondering about a cat-back exhaust I have the Nismo one it sounds awesome even at the races people love the sound of my tt 350z. one guy who has a supercharged z with greddy exhaust I think it was and that was to loud IMO. Im happy with my choice of exhaust so good luck to ya!! Happy boosting!!
Your down pipes from Greddy are fairly small...they are the short little cast pieces connected to the turbos. As for cat delete pipes I also went with Helix. Great fitment and sounds great!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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