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What are your offsets?
If he's still running the wheels he bought from me,

They are Fronts=17X8.5, 31mm offset, 15.9 lbs. Rears=17X9.5, 35mm offset, 16.4 lbs.

prob. not the place to ask this,,,,, but here it goes... im planning to fit 315/35/17 hoosier A6 in all 4 corners what size of wheel spacers do i need for the front and back???
Did you get new wheels, again?

If not, I don't know about 315's on 8.5" wheels:eek:

Heck 315's on the 9.5" rears would be pushing it.

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Going to try and walk on tomorrow and see if I can get a spot. I think the slots filled up within days, and I was too busy to get online to register. I'm going to stay in BSP and compete with another Z33 (a neighbor of mine). Muahahahaha! :shiftdrive:
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