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Waxes Polishes and the Rest

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I was just wandering what products do you use to keep your Z nice and Shiny. I just got my Black Z the other day with Black interior (yes i am an evil person) so it will be hard to keep it clean and sparkling. I am looking for something that gives good shine, its not to hard to apply, lasts a while, and is UV protective.

What do you find works best for you? id like to hear from any1 with black Z especialy.
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Mothers 3 step solution, after Frosty suugested it to me.

1. Wax remover
2. Sealer and glaze
3. Canubra wax

all steps above after washing.

Its hard yaka but the result is very good and I only do it 2 a year.
Zaino Zaino Zaino.

After the first preparation it's about a 30 minute job and the results are sensational!!!!!
For both of you, can you get that stuf down under, or did you guys order it from Yankee Doodle doo land. ;)
I got a car condom for sale that is listed in the other post but if that doesn't tickle you then what I use is the following.

1. Clay Block
2. Autoglym Super Resin
3. Autoglym Extra Gloss

Used Meguiars for about 4 years and changed to Autoglym and never looked back. If I were to try another brand then I would give Zaino a go.


PS: Congrats on your purchase.
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If you want something that will last a long time then you will need a sealent. The shine won't be as good as a carnuba wax, but it will last a long time. check out
Blackfire products seem much simpler than Zaino, and much cheaper too.

I'm with Zaino now, but will be switching to these after I run out. I heard that this is the best stuff for black cars to give them a deep paint shine.

Cleaner Wax


It's a 2 step process, but I heard that it works wonders.
Also, try Meguires NXT wax. It's also awesome and will give you a good shine, but not as much as a polish will. Also, the NXT will only last for about a month.

Like Jung said, check out There are many detailing gurus on there that can answer any questions you can even think of.
Im going to purchase the whole Meguiers range and do that once I get a few scratches and stuff fixed up. There was a process outlined in SPEED magazine a few months ago which I was impressed with. I'll scan the article so everyone can read.
Originally posted by DJ777@Dec 16 2004, 05:34 AM
For both of you, can you get that stuf down under, or did you guys order it from Yankee Doodle doo land. ;)

There are 2 places in Australia where you can get Zaino. 1 in Melbourne

and 1 in Brisbane.

The cheapest is in Singapore (very quick delivery too) it's cheaper, but only accept international money transfers.

I can't recommend this stuff highly enough. It is expensive, but you don't use much.
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Meguiers has some nice stuff. I got some Poorboys stuff. I haven't had a change to use it yet. From what i hear, it is one of the best bang for the buck.

Meguiers 'NXT generation' tech wax. Very easy to apply and lasts for a long time about 4-6 weeks.
In between I use Meguiers "final inspection" which cleans everything off except the wax and only takes me 15 minutes. It is similar to what all detailing shops use.

OR, Hand wash car shops, I sit and drink coffee while someone else does the hard work. But it is never as good as you would do yourself.
Originally posted by DJ777@Dec 16 2004, 05:34 AM
For both of you, can you get that stuf down under, or did you guys order it from Yankee Doodle doo land. ;)

Yes, Mother's products are available from all auto shops like Repco, Supercheap, Auto1 etc.

If I had my time again, I would use Meguires NXT as it is quick to apply. But I got a whole can of canubra wax to get through!!!
Zaino is great but I think Meguires's might be catching up with the new NXT. Which is pretty much the same principle.

Still Zaino is cheap now from singapore and it's been proven to be the best so why change.
Zaino is thinner and doesn't get as thick when tons of coats are applied. It's a better, deeper shine but it's a whole lot more work.
Has anybody used the "Flashwax" system. It was recomended to me by a close friend. He works in the paint/repair shop and they deal mostly with "expensive" cars, and they swear by "flashwax". Its a mixture of caruba wax and some DuPont polih, but its in one bottle , so you just shake and apply. Also its very easy to remove. Its price is about $90 for a bottle of 1L (5-6 aplications).
On the strength of rave reports about Zaino, I imported the whole treatment from Singapore but am somewhat disappointed by the end result.

My car is black which is probably the worst colour for showing swirls/marks etc. In certain lights there are visible streaks after applying the #5 and #2 and then #6 treatments as per the instructions. In all honesty, I am somewhat embarressed by the result (particularly in bright sunlight where the marks are very evident) as I pride myself in the appearance of my car.

In search of a better outcome, I tested Zaino side by side on the bonnet against Meguiar's with the result that Zaino still left fine streaks and the black colour appears "smokey". Meguiar's on the other hand left less blemishes, more depth and the colour was definitely "blacker". I have now opted to go back to Meguiar's which I have used for years (use their full range of products when respraying my show cars).

One obvious plus for Zaino is that it "adds" a layer to the paintwork whereas Meguiar's is more an abrasive cleaner/polisher which is not good in the long run for Nissan's paint job (a lick and a promise!!).

If anyone in the SE Qld area is interested in trying Zaino (or is a totally committed fan already) I have the whole treatment for sale (75% remains plus 2 1/2 bottles of the car wash #7).

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Well for you guys who don't read autopia here is a short summery of the most important element in achiving great results. It's prep work, as in polishing the paint and removing all sirls and scrathes etc. If you do your prep work well your job is 90% done.

The biggest reason why Zaino is so popular is that they include claybar which is part of the prepwork and it gets the paint nice and clean, which other kit tells you to use clay bar to prepare the paint work? The answer is none. Also Zaino is very well known to show off swirls etc.

Since my paint job has a lot of scrathes I'll be getting myself an orbital polisher to remove them, then use some Megs DCAP and Swirl remover to get those buggers out.

By the way, I use Mothers Sealer and Glaze and Megs #16 to top it off. It gives it very nice deep wet shine, also #16 is one of the most durable waxes around, but you'll be unable to get it in australia.

If you really want a show car shine go for Pinnacle Souverän or P21S (S100), both are aparently great, but they don't last and they cost a lot. You can get most of that stuff from, they also have very cheap clay bars.

By the way, if any one is interested in #16 I've 2 cans of it and i'm willing to sell one, since the can I've will last me for a very very long time.

I've forgot to mention that I also use Mothers QD to keep the car nice and shiny for weekends, it only takes 15 minutes and the results are amazing, it's a lot better then the megs equivalent (thanks to witch I've the scrathes in my paint). Once I run out of it i'll be getting it bulk from
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What is Mothers QD?
Where do I buy clay bar and how do I apply it?

Clay bar for dummies (like yours truely):

Coastie - sound like you should start all over again - clay followed by a pollishing agent / swirl remover to get rid of your fine scrathes and swirls, then sealer and Megs wax.

I'll be doing the whole procedure for my other car which has 13 years of contamination to eliminate and will eventually get onto the Z later.
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