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i have tried to read all the topics on this, my main concern is loosing my bose quality sound, i think it is awesome the way it is.

I have an 350z 04 touring without factory nav.

I want navigation capability with dvd and sirius satelite. I dont like the idea of the fm modulater, have to change channels traveling and get some static noise every now and then. where can i find this system and how do I get by without the fm modulater?

I want to put a screen in the factory nav location and keep all the bose deck amp and speakers.

If this isnt possible, has anyone replaced the deck for a flip screen, with the bose converter? How was the sound?

I like the idea of the computer install, but where can i buy one and have it installed?

Does anyone have this setup already, can you refer me where to look and my options?


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personally, if you want a screen in the factory nav location, I would buy the computer parts necessary to build a shuttle size computer and throw a screen in there. Not only will you have navigation capabilities, but you'll also be able to do a just about anything install games, store music, surf the web @ hotspots, etc. Ask the PC guy everything he bought and maybe he could help you with this. As for computer parts, you can buy them from directron (they are on the web). To run a computer you will need:

optical drive (dvd or cd)
video card (onboard video will work if motherboard has it)
sound card (if the onboard doesn't support the connections you need)

a case for all this is debatable. Alot of people have been intergrating the computer into the car compartments.

If you buy the right stuff, you can do this for hundreds less than buying an aftermarket navigation system.

good luck!
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