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Wald kit progress

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Got the kit painted - will be installed this week:

Enjoy the pics:

Blitz Wing:

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sweet.. cant wait to see it.. i am interested in the side skirts for this kit;
Woohoo! A modded Z in my 'hood! Can't wait to see it in person! :drool:

Another update. Well, I had a long drawn out issue with the dealer when I bought the car, that led to getting my front bumper repainted 2 times by abra and finally replaced and repainted by the shop that painted my kit. After looking at the front bumper, the shop has advised that the paint job is not holding up the way it should (only 2000 miles on the paint) and that they will repaint the bumper and possibly replace the bumper if they can't properly strip the paint - obviously for free. They have switched paint companies since I had the bumper done because they were not happy with their paint - for reasons like my front bumper.
It's good that you have found a body shop that knows and cares about what they are doing. Whether they are getting it right the first time or not does not matter. What matters is that they are fixing it for free with no problems, no matter what :irock:

Looks great by the way...can't wait to see the final pics!
Aaron, I might look into having my front bumper and lip repainted. What do you think it will cost me? How many cases of beer? :rolf2: :DiRN: :beer:

It's nice that they are taking care of me. My brother works for the shop, so that doesn't hurt.

We were having trouble getting the front and rear pieces of the kit on the bumper during a test fit, so we took them to one of the sr techs that lives nearby for some help and he looked at the front bumper and went into work the next day and said that the paint should be redone. It has some chips, but whose bumper doesn't. I never asked or demanded, they just said it needs to be redone. I just need to check the pieces for the proper color match before they repaint the front with the same paint. The match on the paint that is being redone is a perfect match, but they had to rematch the paint with the new brand of paint. We know it's at least close, but we want it exact.
Originally posted by Zivman@Mar 7 2005, 09:34 AM
The match on the paint that is being redone is a perfect match, but they had to rematch the paint with the new brand of paint.  We know it's at least close, but we want it exact.

Do you know what brand they are using now?

I'm going to the shop now, I can ask. Repainted is kind of a b!tch because of all prep work. Also, on our bumpers, the grill needs to be taped which is kind of pain.

I believe they have switched to PPG now. I will ask what the orginal paint was.

They were orginally using a brand called ICI (I might be wrong on the exact name), but it was made by PPG. They have switched to PPG now. The shop is not only repainting the bumper, but replacing it as well. They didn't want to paint over the 'bad' paint as they were afraid it would let go, so it's cheaper to replace the bumper than strip the old one.

As far as the paint on the kit, it's an EXACT match. Best color match I have seen. Better than the color match between the stock bumpers and car body from the factory IMO.

I brought the wing back to my house to make sure the color was right. I tried to get some good pics, but it was tough to get the 'flop' right holding with one hand and snapping pics with the other.

Here are the pics of the wing just set on top of the lid over the stock spoiler:

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Wanna donate those wheels? :rolf2: :jk:

Looking good so far. Man, I really want to bring my Z in for an estimate on redoing the front, and trying to blend the Cwest lip into the bumper better.

I couldn't really talk to them about doing it as a side job at time I was at the shop, so I will talk to my brother tonight to see if he can still do it.

Those wheels are cheapo REV wheels off my Stratus coupe. I bought 4 wheels for 450 shipped. my wife bent one on a massive pot hole on highway 61 about 3-4 months back. Couldn't find a vendor to replace the bent one, so I bought some 5zigens for it. I took them out for a freind to look at.
Just more pics. We are waiting for the weather to warm up to ensure we get a good grip with the 3M tape on the skirts. In the pics below, we were doing a final test fit on each piece to ensure we are putting the adhesive in the correct place on the rear and the sides are just sitting on the car. My front might be ready today or tomorrow so it looks like this weekend we will have the car back together:

As stated before, the color match is perfect. My brother was concerned because they had a tough time with the tinting, but after he saw it in the sun, he was really happy with how it looks:

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****, that is a great matching job! Bravo! :clap: I bet you're chomping at the bit to get her done and get her on the road. What are you planning for this weekend?
Can we get a comparison shot of the stock sides vs. wald sides? they look so close and i would like to see the actual difference
TOYKILLA,Mar 9 2005, 01:01 PM
Can we get a comparison shot of the stock sides vs. wald sides? they look so close and i would like to see the actual difference
<div align="right">[snapback]80962[/snapback]

For the Ziv...

Stock Rear:

Wald Rear:
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Well, we planned on getting the rear done today, my brother was off work early so we were going to try. The pieces fit so tight, we couldn't get the back on all the way, so we are waiting to get some help from another tech at his shop. besides, I need to wait on the front bumper to get done. We will be bringing the front and rears over to the guys house, get them on and then install on the car. shouldn't take more than a couple hours for everything. The sides are all ready to go on, but the adhesive sticks better when it's warm, so we're waiting on a warmer day, or at least bring in a sunflower propane heater when we do it.

Hair dryers or heat guns work good. :biggrin: Get'er done!!!
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