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By Popular demand and world events
we find ourselves with the unique opertunity to run WA's first OFFICIAL Zclub WA event.

Zclub WA Cruise #1: Suset Cruise
Sunday 30th Oct 2011
5pm Meet for 5:30 (ish) start
Powis Street Exit Car Park (see map)

This is a CRUISE for Z Car Enthusiasts.
Zclub Members with Z33's and Z34's welcome.
I will also be inviting select members from in thanks for them inviting us to thier cruises.

We are on PUBLIC roads. KEEP IT SAFE.

No speeding
No burnouts
No illegal driving

Being a long weekend, double demerits WILL apply and while the cops may have more important matters to think about, Multinovas (manned by civil servants NOT cops) will be out in force, and red light speed cams never take a break.


The Plan:
Being a sunset cruise means we'll get the best of both worlds. Day and night cruise
and we'll find a nice end point where we can all catch up over some foooood!!!!

Wil ensure some good photo points along the way.

So with all that said, lets get this party started. Add your name to the list HERE:
ZClub WA Official Cruise #1: Sunday 30th Oct. Sunset Cruise - Z Club - Australia's Largest Nissan 370Z and Nissan 350Z Forum
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