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So I got a great deal on a Actual Garret turbo and was wondering if this turbo would have decent spool characteristics..

Mods are :

Megan Headers, Test Pipes, full cat back exhaust, Mishimoto Radiator, stage 0 tune up..

Im going to run GTR Injectors, Osiris Uprev Tuner (tuned by Church automotive) 40mm wastegate, and custom FMIC/ piping..

Would this setup be ok for 4 PSI ? I want decent reliability so will probably only go for 4-5 psi .. I just want to make sure it will spool up ok!

Compressor Housing:
.70 A/R
4" inlet
2.5" outlet
61.4 or 62mm inducer (usually called 62mm)
82mm exducer
57 Trim

Turbine Housing:
1.00 A/R
3" V-Band
63mm inducer
72.5mm exducer
76 Trim


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I'm not sure how to translate the turbo's attributes into a psi output but you can run up to 9psi which will give you 400whp safely on a stock block. I would make sure you have a good tune that was performed on a dyno. I would also add a engine oil cooler and a dampening crank pulley - it's probably not as crucial on a light modification such as yours but it'd be in good measure.

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