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Vortech Tuner kit?

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has anyone seen this yet? i read somewhere that there is a tuner kit you can buy with the SC. i was wondering if anyone knew what it was?
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If it is anything like the ATI procharger tuner version, it deletes the fuel management unit (which is a piece of crap on the ATI), so you can tune it yourself. It is possible (I'm not sure) that a TechnoSquare custom ECU flash is a good way around the SC fuel management problems. My good buddy MaxHax is an expert in this area. Ask him.
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costs less as a kit, but you add more cost in doing your own custom fuel mapping/hardware/software
Are you talking about the R4 software from Split Second?
The R4 software does not come with the Vortech kit but you can purchase it for $20 from It allows you to interface with the Fuel/Timing controller that ships with the Vortech kit. I don't know what the tuner kit is but, I would suggest that if you purchase the Vortech kit that you try to get Vortech to get you the FTC unit that allows additional inputs. This will allow you to graph additional input such as A/f, EGT, etc. through the R4 software.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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