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Vortech CAI Interest / Group Buy

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Just wanted to get an idea how many Vortech owners would be interested in a bolt-on kit that would allow the supercharger to pull cool air from the grille area instead of from the hot engine bay.

The shop that sponsors my Z and I have been discussing this since last summer when we noted how unbelievably hot the engine bay gets with a Vortech supercharged motor. This is further exasperated if you also run aftermarket headers. It creates a condition some refer to as “heat soak” and impacts the power output of the motor. Clearly, this is a bigger issue in warm weather than in the middle of winter.

In any case, what we are looking into is something a few have explored individually as a garage modification. The difference here is we will R&D and produce a bolt-on kit from high quality materials. We already have 2, possibly 3, local Vortech 350Z owners who are interested in this. I’m only presenting it here to see if there is wider spread interest.

While I cannot reveal all the details at this time, I can tell you the Cold Air Intake tube would be constructed of high grade stainless pipe that could be ordered unfinished, polished, or color keyed. The kit would include a new, larger area filter element (K&N) that would ultimately be located just behind the grille. It would include all mounting hardware and instructions for installation. This is meant for Vortech kits only, but if there is sufficient interest, we could explore a similar CAI for ATI Procharger owners.

If you are interested in this, send me an email at [email protected]. Give me your name, contact email address, and the price you’d be willing to pay for this item (be reasonable… it cost money to make a good product). At this time, we don’t have a perfect estimate of the final price, but our best guess is that it would be within the $150-$250 range (basic kit… polished or colored pipe would be an additional amount)

Development is underway now. We hope to have a finished design on the initial cars by early March.

In the meantime, I’ll answer what questions I can on this thread. :cool:
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A quick update on this project. We're still working on the design and should begin fabrication soon.

Below, I've attached a picture showing a sample of what the color coated pipes will look like. The pic does not do this piece justice. The paint is very vibrant and glossy. We'll be able to do this in virtually any color for the CAI and your stock Vortech piping if you like.

Still shooting for a price of $150-$200 for the CAI with additional charge for coloring or polishing the pipes.

The best part is we have over a dozen people who have contacted me with interest (beyond the two prototype kits). The more people we get on board, the cheaper we can make these as most of the labor cost is tied up in development of the kit. The more we spread those costs, the cheaper the base kit becomes!

Send an email to me at the link provided in the first post if you are seriously interested in adding the CAI to your Vortech (350Z or G35) or if you have interest in coloring your stock Vortech parts.


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