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VDC worth it?

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I live in PA(Pittsburgh area), the Z will never see a winter but it will be driven in the rain. I am getting a new Z in April/May and am deciding between the Performance and the Enthusiast Models. The only difference between the two are 18" wheels and VDC and the invoices are $2000 different. I plan on changing the wheels and modding it a lot so it is pretty much down to, is it worth $2000 for VDC?

And if it isn't really needed NOW, I plan on going FI sometime down the road, would I neede VDC for that if not for N/A? I know a lot of you shut off TCL and VDC when you are racing but with FI for everyday driving?
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This has been debated over and over (on this site as well as the evil one), and in my opinion, VDC is worth the money. However, it is not an absolute necessity. Its an option. It does its job nicely.

So decide if the $2000 really makes that much of a difference to ya.. It cant hurt to have it if you find yourself in a bad situation (I get cut off alot because I live in NYC). In the rain my VDC stays on.
This is the same thing i have been asking but I have decided not to worry about vdc, having a cobra before with no.."vdc" not worried about it.

Im getting custom rims and tires so no point in getting the 18's so i put my money down on the enthusiasts (thanks to this board and members advice) and put down the rest on volks
I am inexperienced when it comes to a manual car. You think I should invest in the extra "help"?
you have more control in manual cars than are very narrow, manuals give you better manuverbility among other things. drop a gear and you lose the ability to drive like it wants to be driven
Haha. Good response, except you didn't answer his question. The concern shouldn't be whether or not you're used to driving a manual car, it's whether or not you're used to the power. The Z is sending a lot of power to the back wheels, which don't have a lot of weight over them.
the vdc has helped me out a couple of times in the rain. i think $2k is worth it knowing that it might save me from an accident costing alot more than that but i dont have the tcs and im sure it woud have done the same thing as the vdc.
I thought that if you had VDC, you have traction control(TCL). Can anyone second this?
Yes, TCS is included with VDC. They are controlled by the same switch
I would say that if you plan to not really push the car then you should get the VDC for an emergency situation. However, if you like to push the car and really want to learn how the car moves, then you should just get the Enthusiest.
Yeah, but couldn't I "learn how it moves" with the VDC turned off? I think I am going to go with the VDC just because I am new to a stick, this is my first sports car(most power I have had stock), first RWD, and I live in PA where it can get cold and rainy. It just needs to stop 1 accident and it was worth it. :D It'll put me at ease.
might be a smart move considering its your first manny, u will love it..I Swear i think my salesman loves me to come by..just so he can go ride in the car with me lmao

waiting for the car is the worst part..but man..its worth it. happy i didnt get the 8, although i do love the 8's design..i just dont like the power...torque..and i actually dont want 4 seats.....i only want 2

another reason that i can get out of picking up other people..I hate helping LOLOLLOL now i can say...umm I have a two seater sorry...

as long as they forget about my SVTC
Originally posted by Fooch@Nov 17 2004, 11:20 AM
Yeah, but couldn't I "learn how it moves" with the VDC turned off?

VDC can never be turned 100% off
I was told that you turn VDC and TCL off at the same time and it will not correct your driving at any time when off. What does it do when turned off then?
There is a button that can be pressed. The button will turn off TCS as well as VDC, but whereas TCS is turned off completely, VDC never is. It won't interfere as much as when it's on, but it's still there
i would get the enthusiast in your case....blah the vdc unless this is your ONLY transportation
I will have a beater but the beater will be in Erie until the Fall. So the Z will be my daily driver from about May to September. It'll see rain, but no excessivly cold weather or snow. And this only works off the yaw sensors of the car right? So if I am coming to a turn too fast then it would be an issue; but, with TCL, if I am stopped and I floor it, it won't let mespin the wheels, right?

So pretty much VDC is to save you if you take a turn too fast and the traction control will keep the wheels from spinning, right? So as long as I don't take turns at high speed it shouldn't be an issue. My only concern is the rain. How easy is it really to swing the back end out with traction control on?
Some one else will have to respond on that one..havent done it.
I personally think that if you dont drive like an idiot you will be have to didnt have this feature years ago(to my knowledge) its FAIRLY new (maybe in the last 10 years..not too sure...cuz of companies like benz bmw etc)

but ive been driving fwd .rwd for a while and never had a problem ..only time having a problem so far is in SNOW ...rwd..can be a hazard in snow

just thought about it..

if you havent driven a RWD in snow...ur in for a huge surprise.

my cobra..when i had it..ran different from the z...but still rwd

at the light..even with a thin sheet of snow 1/4 inch...when u press the gas..u slide was horrible..I remember driving from detroit to lansing...NOT Fun..took about 3.5 hours.
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