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VDC failure ??

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i had a sing on my display screen that when i turned off the vdc to drift it showed up and stayed on , this happened when i spun out of the drift, as i cheked the screen i noticed vdc and slip where both on and i tryed swiching the vdc switch and they would not go away i noticed on the start that the car was not jumping as it would normaly would with the vdc off, is this normal? because i had to turn off the car to get the signs to go away, its happend a few times when i do a burn out or something!!
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I have a problem with my vdc , as i was doing a burnout with the vdc off the slip sign showed up and stayed on i could get it to go away by pressing the vdc button i had to turn on the car and then it worked normal again, i also notticed that at the start with the slip sign on the car would have more wheel spin and not be so jumppy, is this normal and why is it happening?
It is normal, the VDC has to reset itself. mine does the same thing after a dyno run
thanx man but how come i feel it has more wheel spining when i start with the slip sign on?
Well for me I just went turbo and test drove it. both the vdc and slip light turns on when I boost @ 3000 rpm I wonder what the problem is??? I wonder if I restart the ECU.Maybe that will take care of the problem..What do you guyz think??thanks
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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