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We got the open loop boost control working on the UTEC utilizing the APS Solenoid form their boost control. It was something we wanted to do for a while and just got around to doing it So now with the addition of an inexpensive Boost Control Solonoid, you can have the UTEC control a complete boost,timing and fuel map!!This eliminates the need for an expensive boost controler and gives you the simplicity of being able to store multiple maps in the UTEC and switch them on the fly...So for exmaple you will be able to store up to 5 different maps complete with boost settings, that you can switch between on the fly!!! Lets say you want to run one 9psi map for 93 octane on the street,now one at 9psi with less timing for the summer,or one for the winter oxigenated gasoline mix we get, or one for 13-15 psi for the race track..No problem!!
We will be doing some more road testing, but we were halted due to the weather..We did manage to mantain and hold 9psi using the UTEC open loop boost control feature.We were also able to produce a faste spool up playing with the Boost Control Gain feature in the user constants menu..We will be dyno tuning several maps this week and I will post the results.I just wanted to let everyone know, save your money on those fancy boost controlers

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What kind of hardware is used to control it? Are you gonna instal a 5 position switch on the dash or something?
I have the UTEC. It as a dial on the unit itself, or you can buy an optional 5 position remote selector switch and mount where you want.
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