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I stopped by the Nissan Dismantling yard the other day looking to upgrade my open differential to a stock OEM Viscous LSD for my 2007 350Z Base. They have a bunch from older 350Z and G35 coupes. We walked around and twisted the output gears to verify that they are locking differentials but now my concern is which year will fit my 2007? Many of the differentials in the photos are from 2003-2005 350Z/G35. A Nissan mechanic said I may need to purchase the linkage arms as well. Will these fit my 2007 VQ35HR?


Also, I found these OEM Nissan part numbers for differentials for the 2007 model year:
base - 38301-0c422
lsd auto - 38301-2c322
lsd manual -38301-2c422
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